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An overview of Equifax

Equifax is one of the largest credit agencies in the world. Globally, and archive and records addresses of holders of more than 400 million credit. All this information is stored securely by Equifax and can be recovered by lenders worldwide in terms of requests for.

Equifax was founded in 1899 as Retail credit, in Atlanta. And its reach grew nationally and in Canada in 1920. Since 1960, was considered one of the credit bureaus, the nation’s largest record store of millions of citizens. Towards the end of the 60 were turbulent for the company as it came to the Government, as it has been found that was selling consumer credit information to lenders. After a drawn out litigation from the Congress of the United States, legislation was set to standarize what information can be stored on file when it came to consumers by the agencies. Subsequently, the retail credit became Equifax.

With a new moniker and new target markets, Equifax established his exploits in the 1970s. Since then, it has been a global leader in information solutions, managing one of the largest consumer information DataSet in the world. With its roots in insurance, has diversified in Business Analytics, fraud detection, information technology, Marketing Tools, and much more. Has offices in 15 countries across 3 continents.

Equifax has been credited with many technical innovations. In the 1970s, was one of the first organizations to digitize records, which was a huge undertaking at the time. For the 21st century, Equifax has established the beauties to curb identity theft, among other things. With the increasing number of online transactions and social networks, identity theft has become a real threat in this day and age. Most social networks carry a limited amount of identifying information for individuals. To reduce fraud in the digital age, Equifax offers the consumer-level fraud mitigation services that track behavioral characteristics to improve security.

Equifax also has strong roots in marketing tools, deals in customer engagement and data analysis. With the dataset, these marketing tools offer great insight into consumer and data interactions. But the main focus remains on maintaining consumer credit information and continually wins awards in the financial sector. With the company going strong in global markets and aims to diversify across multiple regions by 2015, Equifax is set to continue its growth.

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