Kamis, 18 April 2013

Volunteers help to raise funds by Ilona Bray

“The volunteers for fundraising: raise money for your school, Team, library or community group” by Ilona Bray is a very good book for those who are looking for ideas to help with fundraising efforts for various causes or community groups. Is published by Nolo, a publisher who prides himself on making accessible to everyone through quality books and resources. And Ilona Bray wrote several books of freight, including “Effective fundraising for nonprofits.”

The book begins with some basics on what your group can and cannot do when raising funds. Very good to consider to keep yourself and your group out of trouble. The second chapter focuses on volunteers and how to recruit, train and retain volunteers with your organization or cause.

The third chapter will help you plan your fundraising strategy in your party, which is a good idea. A good plan will help you reach your goals. The next few chapters focus on various ways to raise money. These include: taking advantage of sponsorship and support by businesses, sale of goods and services (new or used), asking for donations from individual members, events, planning strategies, dinners and other wine events, actions (from living, quiet and online), fairs and festivals, concerts and lectures, visits to House and garden and walkathons, contests, games and sporting events.

All these chapters contain advice, warnings, examples and sample forms to help you with your fundraising efforts. This guide really will make it easier for you and your group. The book is written in easy to understand language and in a practical way. The book is meant to be used as you help your organization or group.

In addition to the text, the book is a CD-ROM included in the back with more resources. A resource is a bonus chapter “Applying for grants from the Government, companies or foundations.” Also included on the CD-ROM forms, spreadsheets, graphics, and audio files to provide more assistance to achieve your fundraising goals.

Bray has included insights and stories from a team of non-profit experts including event planners, parents, accountants, school librarians, lawyers and leaders of the group. If you are involved with any fundraising, this will be a handy reference for keeping close. Combine it with “effective Fundraising for Nonprofits” and you will have many ideas, strategies and tips to raise money. All you need to do is go out and implement them. Recommended for those who need guidance on raising money legally and effectively.

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