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The new PIP statute

The new PIP Statute and its effects on victims of accident:

The new personal status injury protection PIP which was recently approved in Florida can be a triumph for insurance companies. The law imposes new limits on the amount of benefits that a person can receive as well as the amount of money received in a claim. This can cause a significant personal expenses for individuals involved in bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and motorcycle accidents. Litigation may be affected because of the new arrangements by PIP.

The large number of personal injury lawsuits filed in the past may be to blame for the new legislative changes. If individuals were involved in truck, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, car accidents and motorcycle accidents, the old insurance statute did not provide the boundaries on certain aspects of the coverage. Limitations on attorney fees and restrictions on medical treatment have not been clearly defined in the recent read PIP. As a result, many insurers raised their rates in response to the increase in PIP claims.

This new law can significantly affect the urgent care due to stringent security classifications injuries and medical treatment. Individuals who need medical care should seek treatment from a health care provider acceptable within a period of two weeks. This may adversely affect those who need a longer time to start medical treatment. Drunk driving victims and those involved in cycling accidents and may need immediate care, but victims of accidents can take longer to start treatment.

New guidelines in the Statute restricts PIP coverage for various types of alternative treatments, too. Traffic accidents and motorcycle accident victims or those suffering from a spinal cord injury will only receive a cap of $ 2500 for each treatment if the victim does not process within 14 days of car wreck under the new law. Acupuncture, massage and other holistic treatments are completely omitted from PIP coverage. The motorcycle accident victims and those involved in truck and bicycle accidents might have to pay exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses.

Changes in PIP coverage can provide insurance with considerable monetary gains. Although the new law details a plan for the gradual reduction of tariffs, the savings is minimal for consumers compared to the total prize payouts. When it comes to more serious injuries such as spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury, the 25% reduction in the rate can do little for the victim’s wallet. Why has decreased the amount of medical benefits, the injured party may need to use your insurance to cover primary treatment.

Individuals who are involved in accidents have rights that must be protected because of the nature of the new PIP law. A qualified lawyer will first victim. A decrease in funds for policyholders should not affect the type of therapy, treatment or an individual receives the sponsorship. If there are questions about this new law and for the rights of the victim you must immediately contact legal counsel.

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