Kamis, 18 April 2013

Physician heal thyself-lawyer Gregory Piche ' releases a new book about Sham Peer review medical

As a lawyer, Gregory Piche ‘ is an expert in the process of Peer Review, after spending many years in hospitals and doctors. Soon he realized that often many of who participated were initiated resulting in bad faith from the hospital policy or economic competition.

Piche ‘ wrote the book so that physicians, families, and the defenders can benefit from an objective description of the process and the knowledge that they are not alone.

Using your case history and sources from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BNA Healthcare Reporter and a number of listservs, Piche’s health has put together a collection of turbulent and interesting case histories that have found their way into us courts for further review and interpretation.

The book is an informative read, chock full of interesting circumstances and their results. Digs in the American justice system and the general reluctance to overturn the apple cart peer review, unstable, as is.

Doctors, dentists and hospitalists need to understand the facts of life related to the peer review process and how it can endanger and derail a career in medicine. The book highlights several peer reviews farce that negatively brand good doctors for life, although they have been unjustly tried by their peers. It is also a warning to doctors entrenched, committees and members of the Board of the hospital claiming that immunity if they don’t play fair, there may be legal and financial consequences.

Piche ‘ believes there should be a more collaborative approach with a prescription or a deadline regarding the report filed with the national practitioner data bank. There should also be better than the basic rights enumerated due process in health care quality Improvement Act of 1986.

Piche ‘ believes that offers immunity to government committees often dilutes the peer review process, leading to a revision of sham. He asserts that the laws and due process are important to protect the interests of professionals.

Piche ‘ offers several effective ways to bypass the current system, known as the physician Peer Review, favoring rehabilitation, retraining and independent evaluations of dilute sham contradictory influences caused by ego, power and money that seem to dominate the profession.

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